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Complete Girls Basketball Scores for Dec 16-21

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Monday (12/16/2019)

Scheduled Games:
@ Parkview Christian: Santee VS Parkview Christian
@ Pawnee City: Lourdes Central Catholic VS Pawnee City
@ Wausa: Niobrara/Verdigre VS Wausa

Tuesday (12/17/2019)

Scheduled Games:
@ Ainsworth: Valentine VS Ainsworth
@ Alma: Southwest VS Alma
@ Aquinas Catholic: Bishop Neumann VS Aquinas Catholic
@ Ashland-Greenwood: Milford VS Ashland-Greenwood
@ Atwood-Rawlins County, KS: Dundy County-Stratton VS Atwood-Rawlins County, KS
@ Bridgeport: Mullen VS Bridgeport
@ Central City: Minden VS Central City
@ Columbus Lakeview: Logan View-Scribner-Snyder VS Columbus Lakeview
@ Cozad: McCook VS Cozad
@ David City: Clarkson/Leigh VS David City
@ Elba: Hampton VS Elba
@ Exeter-Milligan: Friend VS Exeter-Milligan
@ Grand Island Central Catholic: Blue Hill VS Grand Island Central Catholic
@ Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer: Freeman VS Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer
@ Kearney Catholic: Ravenna VS Kearney Catholic
@ Lewiston: Falls City Sacred Heart VS Lewiston
@ Meridian: Sterling VS Meridian
@ Minatare: Crawford VS Minatare
@ O'Neill: Pierce VS O'Neill
@ Overton: Anselmo-Merna VS Overton
@ Perkins County: Paxton VS Perkins County
@ Plainview: Madison VS Plainview
@ Ralston: Lexington VS Ralston
@ Randolph: Wakefield-Allen VS Randolph
@ Red Cloud: Wilcox-Hildreth VS Red Cloud
@ Sandhills Valley: Maywood-Hayes Center VS Sandhills Valley
@ South Sioux City: Omaha Skutt Catholic VS South Sioux City
@ Stuart: Summerland VS Stuart
@ Syracuse: Nebraska City VS Syracuse
@ Wahoo: Louisville VS Wahoo
@ West Holt: CWC VS West Holt
Tri County VS St. Paul

Thursday (12/19/2019)

Scheduled Games:
@ Cozad: Cambridge VS Cozad
@ Crawford: Hyannis VS Crawford
@ Elm Creek: Minden VS Elm Creek
@ Exeter-Milligan: Nebraska Lutheran VS Exeter-Milligan
@ Gothenburg: North Platte St. Patrick's VS Gothenburg
@ Maywood-Hayes Center: Brady VS Maywood-Hayes Center
@ Niobrara/Verdigre: Crofton VS Niobrara/Verdigre
@ South Platte: Paxton VS South Platte
@ South Sioux City: Omaha Mercy VS South Sioux City
@ Tekamah-Herman: Logan View-Scribner-Snyder VS Tekamah-Herman
@ Tri County: Johnson-Brock VS Tri County
@ Wilcox-Hildreth: Arapahoe VS Wilcox-Hildreth
@ Wisner-Pilger: Oakland-Craig VS Wisner-Pilger

Friday (12/20/2019)

Scheduled Games:
@ Alliance: Mitchell VS Alliance
@ Arapahoe: Southwest VS Arapahoe
@ BRLD: Howells-Dodge VS BRLD
@ Battle Creek: O'Neill VS Battle Creek
@ Bertrand: Elm Creek VS Bertrand
@ Broken Bow: Ainsworth VS Broken Bow
@ Burwell: St. Edward VS Burwell
@ Cody-Kilgore: Mullen VS Cody-Kilgore
@ Cornerstone Christian: Elba VS Cornerstone Christian
@ David City: Schuyler VS David City
@ Deshler: Franklin VS Deshler
@ Douglas County West: Raymond Central VS Douglas County West
@ Elkhorn Valley: Stuart VS Elkhorn Valley
@ Exeter-Milligan: High Plains Community VS Exeter-Milligan
@ Falls City Sacred Heart: Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer VS Falls City Sacred Heart
@ Fort Calhoun: Wahoo VS Fort Calhoun
@ Fort Morgan, CO: Sidney VS Fort Morgan, CO
@ Freeman: Auburn VS Freeman
@ Friend: Lawrence-Nelson VS Friend
@ Giltner: Meridian VS Giltner
@ Hastings: Kearney Catholic VS Hastings
@ Hemingford: Bridgeport VS Hemingford
@ Hershey: Kimball VS Hershey
@ Laurel-Concord-Coleridge: Plainview VS Laurel-Concord-Coleridge
@ Lexington: Northwest VS Lexington
@ Louisville: Johnson County Central VS Louisville
@ Maxwell: Paxton VS Maxwell
@ Mead: Omaha Brownell Talbot VS Mead
@ Pawnee City: Sterling VS Pawnee City
@ Pleasanton: Overton VS Pleasanton
@ Shelby-Rising City: Aquinas Catholic VS Shelby-Rising City
@ Stanton: Wakefield-Allen VS Stanton
@ Syracuse: Lincoln Lutheran VS Syracuse
@ Wauneta-Palisade: South Platte VS Wauneta-Palisade
@ Wayne: Wisner-Pilger VS Wayne
@ Wood River: Blue Hill VS Wood River

Saturday (12/21/2019)

Scheduled Games:
@ Ainsworth: Cozad VS Ainsworth
@ BRLD: Boys Town VS BRLD
@ Battle Creek: West Holt VS Battle Creek
@ Bishop LeBlond-St. Joseph, MO: Falls City Sacred Heart VS Bishop LeBlond-St. Joseph, MO
@ Burke/South Central, SD: Stuart VS Burke/South Central, SD
@ Burwell: Twin Loup VS Burwell
@ Central City: Doniphan-Trumbull VS Central City
@ Columbus Lakeview: David City VS Columbus Lakeview
@ East Butler: Mead VS East Butler
@ Fillmore Central: Adams Central VS Fillmore Central
@ Gibbon: Wood River VS Gibbon
@ Hyannis: Wauneta-Palisade VS Hyannis
@ Lincoln Lutheran: Aquinas Catholic VS Lincoln Lutheran
@ Malcolm: Raymond Central VS Malcolm
@ Mullen: Gordon-Rushville VS Mullen
@ Niobrara/Verdigre: Creighton VS Niobrara/Verdigre
@ North Platte: Lexington VS North Platte
@ Ogallala: Hershey VS Ogallala
@ Perkins County: Dundy County-Stratton VS Perkins County
@ Plainview: Elkhorn Valley VS Plainview
@ Sidney: Alliance VS Sidney
@ Southern: Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer VS Southern
@ St. Paul: Broken Bow VS St. Paul
@ Wayne: O'Neill VS Wayne
@ Wilcox-Hildreth: Pleasanton VS Wilcox-Hildreth

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