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Complete Girls Basketball Scores for Jan 21-25

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Tuesday (01/21/2020)

Scheduled Games:
@ Ashland-Greenwood: Yutan VS Ashland-Greenwood
@ Auburn: Falls City Sacred Heart VS Auburn
@ BRLD: Wakefield-Allen VS BRLD
@ Blue Hill: Harvard VS Blue Hill
@ Central City: Schuyler VS Central City
@ Franklin: Silver Lake VS Franklin
@ Friend: Thayer Central VS Friend
@ Overton: Hi-Line VS Overton
@ Parkview Christian: Mead VS Parkview Christian
@ Pawnee City: Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer VS Pawnee City
@ Plainview: West Holt VS Plainview
@ Platteview: Nebraska City VS Platteview
@ Southwest: Loomis VS Southwest
@ Wahoo: Raymond Central VS Wahoo
@ Wallace: Dundy County-Stratton VS Wallace
@ Wood River: Grand Island Central Catholic VS Wood River

Thursday (01/23/2020)

Scheduled Games:
@ Adams Central: Central City VS Adams Central
@ Boyd County: West Holt VS Boyd County
@ Dundy County-Stratton: Cambridge VS Dundy County-Stratton
@ Johnson County Central: Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer VS Johnson County Central
@ Shelton: Wood River VS Shelton
@ Valentine: Stuart VS Valentine
@ Waverly: Wahoo VS Waverly
@ Yutan: Louisville VS Yutan

Friday (01/24/2020)

Scheduled Games:
@ Ashland-Greenwood: Syracuse VS Ashland-Greenwood
@ BRLD: Humphrey/Lindsay Holy Family VS BRLD
@ Falls City Sacred Heart: Pawnee City VS Falls City Sacred Heart
@ Hastings St. Cecilia: Aquinas Catholic VS Hastings St. Cecilia
@ Johnson-Brock: Friend VS Johnson-Brock
@ Kenesaw: Franklin VS Kenesaw
@ Mound City, MO: Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer VS Mound City, MO
@ Sandy Creek: Blue Hill VS Sandy Creek
@ Stuart: Santee VS Stuart
@ Tri County: Fillmore Central VS Tri County
@ Wakefield-Allen: Emerson-Hubbard VS Wakefield-Allen
@ Waverly: Platteview VS Waverly
@ West Holt: Elgin Public/Pope John VS West Holt
@ Wood River: Central City VS Wood River

Saturday (01/25/2020)

Scheduled Games:
@ Aquinas Catholic: Kearney Catholic VS Aquinas Catholic
@ Franklin: Elm Creek VS Franklin
@ Mead: Malcolm VS Mead
@ Sidney: Yuma, CO VS Sidney
@ Stanton: BRLD VS Stanton

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