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Complete Girls Basketball Scores for Jan 2-4

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Thursday (01/02/2020)

Scheduled Games:
Ashland-Greenwood VS Falls City

Friday (01/03/2020)

Scheduled Games:
@ Arcadia/Loup City: Central City VS Arcadia/Loup City
@ Cross County: Friend VS Cross County
@ Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer: Fairbury VS Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer
@ Louisville: Malcolm VS Louisville
@ Nebraska City: Ashland-Greenwood VS Nebraska City
@ Ponca: BRLD VS Ponca
@ Southeast, WY: Bridgeport VS Southeast, WY
@ Southwest: Hi-Line VS Southwest
@ Sumner-Eddyville-Miller: Franklin VS Sumner-Eddyville-Miller
@ Tri County: Falls City Sacred Heart VS Tri County
@ Valentine: West Holt VS Valentine
@ Westwood, IA: Wakefield-Allen VS Westwood, IA
@ Wood River: Amherst VS Wood River

Saturday (01/04/2020)

Scheduled Games:
@ Friend: Pawnee City VS Friend
@ Guardian Angels Central Catholic: Aquinas Catholic VS Guardian Angels Central Catholic
@ Holdrege: Sidney VS Holdrege
@ Johnson County Central: Tri County VS Johnson County Central
@ Pender: BRLD VS Pender
@ Plattsmouth: Platteview VS Plattsmouth
@ Siouxland Community Christian, IA: Wakefield-Allen VS Siouxland Community Christian, IA
@ Wauneta-Palisade: Dundy County-Stratton VS Wauneta-Palisade

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