Legislative Proposals for Change in NSAA Regulations:

District 1:
Lincoln High (10/01/2020) (Constitution & Bylaws: Summer Activities Equipment)
Lincoln High (10/01/2020) (Constitution & Bylaws: Summer Time Open Gym)
Lincoln High (10/01/2020) (Constitution & Bylaws: Summertime Regulations for Athletes and Coaches)
Waverly (10/01/2020) (Activities Manual: Class B Sub-District Softball)
District 2:
Bennington (10/01/2020) (Activities Manual: Class B Sub-District Single Elimination)
Blair (10/01/2020) (Activities Manual: District Music Entry Utilization)
Twin River (10/01/2020) (Activities Manual: Softball Schedule Changes During Season)
District 3:
Boone Central (10/05/2020) (Activities Manual: Football Class C Classification)
District 4:
North Platte (10/01/2020) (Constitution & Bylaws: Class A Classification Enrollment Number)
District 5:
Franklin (10/01/2020) (Activities Manual: Football Scheduling)
Franklin (10/01/2020) (Activities Manual: Football Scheduling - One Year Cycle - Classes C2-D1-D2-D6)
Franklin (10/01/2020) (Activities Manual: Inclement Weather Class D Boys Golf)
Franklin (10/01/2020) (Constitution & Bylaws: Rate of Pay for Varsity Officials)
District 6:
Scottsbluff (10/01/2020) (Activities Manual: Class B Cross Country District Proposal Change)

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