NSAA Sanctioned Activities:

The following activities have been sanctioned by the Nebraska School Activities Association for member school participation.

Fall Season

Girls Golf

Boys Tennis


Girls Cross-Country

Boys Cross-Country

Girls AND Boys Cross-Country

McCook Cross Country Invitational, hosted by McCook09/17 - 09/17/2019Sanctioned 05/07/2019
Hiawatha Invitational Cross Country Meet, Hiawatha KS USA09/19 - 09/19/2019Sanctioned 06/18/2019


McCook Volleyball Invite, hosted by McCook09/21 - 09/21/2019Sanctioned 05/07/2019
TWIN CITY INVITATIONAL, hosted by Scottsbluff10/04 - 10/05/2019Sanctioned 06/24/2019
FALLS CITY VOLLEYBALL INVITATIONAL, hosted by Falls City10/12 - 10/12/2019Sanctioned 09/11/2019


Winter Season


McCook Duals, hosted by McCook01/31 - 01/31/2020Sanctioned 05/06/2019
Eagle Invitational, Colby KS USA12/13 - 12/13/2019Sanctioned 07/15/2019

Girls Swimming and Diving

Boys Swimming and Diving

Girls AND Boys Swimming and Diving

Girls Basketball

Hiawatha Invitational Varsity Girls Basketball Tournament, Hiawatha KS USA01/28 - 02/01/2020Sanctioned 06/18/2019

Boys Basketball

Girls AND Boys Basketball

Cattle Trail Classic Basketball, hosted by McCook12/10 - 12/13/2019Sanctioned 05/07/2019
Cabela's Holiday Shootout, hosted by Sidney12/27 - 12/28/2019Sanctioned 02/26/2019

Spring Season


Girls Soccer

Boys Soccer

Girls AND Boys Soccer

Girls Tennis

SHS TENNIS INVITE, hosted by Scottsbluff04/25 - 04/25/2020Sanctioned 06/24/2019

Girls Track and Field

Boys Track and Field

Girls AND Boys Track & Field

WAYNE BINFIELD INVITE, hosted by Scottsbluff03/27 - 03/27/2020Sanctioned 06/24/2019
LeRoy Hoehner Track/Field Invite, hosted by McCook04/03 - 04/03/2020Sanctioned 05/07/2019
Wester Nebraska Twilight, hosted by Scottsbluff04/18 - 04/18/2020Sanctioned 04/18/2019
Louisville Track Invitational, hosted by Louisville04/23 - 04/23/2020Sanctioned 05/06/2019
Wester Nebraska Twilight, hosted by Scottsbluff04/24 - 04/24/2020Sanctioned 06/24/2019

Boys Golf

Ron Coleman Memorial Golf Invitational, hosted by McCook04/21 - 04/21/2020Sanctioned 05/07/2019
SHS GOLF INVITE, hosted by Scottsbluff04/27 - 04/27/2020Sanctioned 06/24/2019
Hiawatha Varsity Invitational Golf Meet, Hiawatha KS USA04/09 - 04/09/2020Sanctioned 06/18/2019


WRHS Invitational Debate Tournament, Topeka KS 09/20 - 09/22/2019Sanctioned 08/06/2019



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