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Complete Baseball Scores for Week Apr 26-May 1

This report was generated: Sat, April 17, 2021 11:30:22 pm CDT

Postponed/Cancelled Games:
04/30/2021: Lincoln North Star @ Archbishop Bergan -- POSTPONED FROM 03/23/2021
04/27/2021: Auburn @ Omaha North -- POSTPONED FROM 03/23/2021

Missing Scores:
04/08/2021: Arlington @ Wayne

Monday (04/26/2021)

Scheduled Games:
@ Archbishop Bergan: Omaha Gross Catholic VS Archbishop Bergan
@ Auburn: Fairbury VS Auburn
@ Bellevue East: Omaha Central VS Bellevue East
@ Bellevue West: Bennington VS Bellevue West
@ Blair: Seward VS Blair
@ Branched Oak: Wahoo/Bishop Neumann/Lincoln Lutheran VS Branched Oak
@ Central City/Fullerton/Centura: Lincoln Christian VS Central City/Fullerton/Centura
@ Crete: Waverly VS Crete
@ Douglas County West: South Sioux City VS Douglas County West
@ Elkhorn: Papillion-LaVista VS Elkhorn
@ Falls City: Bishop LeBlond, MO VS Falls City
@ Fort Calhoun: Plattsmouth VS Fort Calhoun
@ Gretna: Elkhorn South VS Gretna
@ Hastings: Lincoln Pius X VS Hastings
@ Lincoln North Star: Lincoln Southeast VS Lincoln North Star
@ Lincoln Northeast: Lincoln East VS Lincoln Northeast
@ Millard North: Creighton Preparatory School VS Millard North
@ Millard South: Elkhorn North VS Millard South
@ Mount Michael Benedictine: Omaha North VS Mount Michael Benedictine
@ Nebraska City: Beatrice VS Nebraska City
@ Norfolk: Wayne VS Norfolk
@ Omaha Bryan: Omaha South VS Omaha Bryan
@ Omaha Roncalli Catholic: Omaha Northwest VS Omaha Roncalli Catholic
@ Omaha Skutt Catholic: Ralston VS Omaha Skutt Catholic
@ Omaha Westside: Millard West VS Omaha Westside
@ Platteview: Arlington VS Platteview

Tuesday (04/27/2021)

Scheduled Games:
@ Adams Central: Central City/Fullerton/Centura VS Adams Central
@ Arlington: Platte Valley VS Arlington
@ Bellevue East: Kearney VS Bellevue East
@ Bennington: Wahoo/Bishop Neumann/Lincoln Lutheran VS Bennington
@ Columbus: Lincoln Southeast VS Columbus
@ Concordia/Brownell Talbot/Omaha Christian Academy: Omaha Roncalli Catholic VS Concordia/Brownell Talbot/Omaha Christian Academy
@ Crete: Nebraska City VS Crete
@ Elkhorn North: Blair VS Elkhorn North
@ Elkhorn South: Lincoln North Star VS Elkhorn South
@ Elkhorn: Omaha Gross Catholic VS Elkhorn
@ Fairbury: Hastings VS Fairbury
@ Fort Calhoun: Thurston-Cuming County VS Fort Calhoun
@ Gretna: Norris VS Gretna
@ Lincoln Christian: St. Paul / Palmer VS Lincoln Christian
@ Lincoln Christian: St. Paul / Palmer VS Lincoln Christian
@ Lincoln High: Platteview VS Lincoln High
@ Lincoln Northeast: Archbishop Bergan VS Lincoln Northeast
@ Lincoln Pius X: Waverly VS Lincoln Pius X
@ Millard North: Millard South VS Millard North
@ Millard West: Bellevue West VS Millard West
@ Norfolk: South Sioux City VS Norfolk
@ Omaha Bryan: Lincoln East VS Omaha Bryan
@ Omaha North: Auburn VS Omaha North
@ Papillion-LaVista South: Omaha Northwest VS Papillion-LaVista South
@ Plattsmouth: Ralston VS Plattsmouth

Wednesday (04/28/2021)

Scheduled Games:
@ Creighton Preparatory School: Lincoln Southwest VS Creighton Preparatory School
@ Omaha Burke: Omaha South VS Omaha Burke
@ Omaha Central: Millard North VS Omaha Central
@ Omaha Northwest: Papillion-LaVista VS Omaha Northwest

Thursday (04/29/2021)

Scheduled Games:
@ Adams Central: Wayne VS Adams Central
@ Beatrice: Ralston VS Beatrice
@ Concordia/Brownell Talbot/Omaha Christian Academy: Auburn VS Concordia/Brownell Talbot/Omaha Christian Academy
@ Crete: Platteview VS Crete
@ Douglas County West: Wahoo/Bishop Neumann/Lincoln Lutheran VS Douglas County West
@ Elkhorn South: Columbus VS Elkhorn South
@ Falls City: Nebraska City VS Falls City
@ Lincoln High: Lincoln North Star VS Lincoln High
@ Lincoln Southwest: Grand Island VS Lincoln Southwest
@ Norfolk: Lincoln Pius X VS Norfolk
@ Norris: Bennington VS Norris
@ Omaha Burke: Omaha Northwest VS Omaha Burke
@ Omaha North: Central City/Fullerton/Centura VS Omaha North
@ Omaha North: Central City/Fullerton/Centura VS Twin River
@ Omaha North: Twin River VS Omaha North
@ Plattsmouth: Platte Valley VS Plattsmouth
@ Seward: Waverly VS Seward

Friday (04/30/2021)

Scheduled Games:
@ Archbishop Bergan: Lincoln North Star VS Archbishop Bergan
@ Blair: Douglas County West VS Blair
@ Branched Oak: Hastings VS Branched Oak
@ Crete: Fairbury VS Crete
@ Grand Island: Seward VS Grand Island
@ Lincoln Pius X: Columbus VS Lincoln Pius X
@ Omaha South: Plattsmouth VS Omaha South
@ Platteview: Fort Calhoun VS Platteview
@ Ralston: Nebraska City VS Ralston
@ Thurston-Cuming County: Norfolk VS Thurston-Cuming County
@ Twin River: Adams Central VS GACC-SS-WPB
@ Twin River: Adams Central VS Twin River
@ Twin River: GACC-SS-WPB VS Twin River
@ Wahoo/Bishop Neumann/Lincoln Lutheran: Arlington VS Wahoo/Bishop Neumann/Lincoln Lutheran
@ Waverly: Norris VS Waverly

Saturday (05/01/2021)

Scheduled Games:
@ Archbishop Bergan: Elkhorn South VS Archbishop Bergan
@ Archbishop Bergan: Elkhorn South VS Grand Island
@ Archbishop Bergan: Grand Island VS Archbishop Bergan
@ Arlington: Thurston-Cuming County VS Arlington
@ Auburn: Hastings VS Auburn
@ Branched Oak: Falls City VS Branched Oak
@ Concordia/Brownell Talbot/Omaha Christian Academy: Wahoo/Bishop Neumann/Lincoln Lutheran VS Concordia/Brownell Talbot/Omaha Christian Academy
@ Douglas County West: Adams Central VS Douglas County West
@ Douglas County West: Omaha Northwest VS Adams Central
@ Douglas County West: Omaha Northwest VS Douglas County West
@ Kearney: Lincoln Southwest VS Kearney
@ Omaha Burke: Bennington VS Omaha Burke
@ Wayne: Platte Valley VS Wayne

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